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Rich Content

Best Rich Content Magento Extensions. Rich and useful content is the first thing that attracts more customers to your site and motivates them to come back. Website articles help to provide information about your Magento store and products.

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  • Product Questions

    Product Questions

    The Product Questions Magento extension allow your potential customers to ask you related questions about your ...
  • Knowledge Base

    Knowledge Base

    The Knowledge Base extension allows you to add dedicated knowledge system to your Magento store. The extension ...
  • Easy FAQ

    Easy FAQ

    The Easy FAQ Extension add a professional FAQ page to your Magento store. You can easily manage and organize F ...
  • Products Related Articles

    Products Related Articles

    The Magento Products Related Articles Extension (known as Product Related News Extension also) help you displa ...
  • Testimonials


    This extension released to help your store showing testimonials ...

5 Item(s)

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