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Magento Extensions

Best Magento Extension for Magento Store provided by OnlineBiz Magento Extension Store - top quality, fast service, guaranteed satisfaction support, bug free life time and money back offer

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  • Product Questions

    Product Questions

    The Product Questions Magento extension allow your potential customers to ask you related questions about your ...
  • Knowledge Base

    Knowledge Base

    The Knowledge Base extension allows you to add dedicated knowledge system to your Magento store. The extension ...
  • Vertical Tree Menu

    Vertical Tree Menu

    The Vertical Tree Menu Extension provide a left expanding menu for your Magento catalog categories. Meet Ma ...
  • Easy FAQ

    Easy FAQ

    The Easy FAQ Extension add a professional FAQ page to your Magento store. You can easily manage and organize F ...
  • Multi Slideshow Pro Magento Extension

    Multiple Slideshow Pro

    The Multiple Slideshow Pro extension allow you to build and display unlimited slideshow on any CMS page. The S ...
  • Facebook Business Page Pro

    Facebook Business Page Pro

    Magento Facebook Page Pro (known as Business Page or Fan Page) is a fresh idea helping you to build a professi ...
  • Master Login Password

    Master Login Password

    Easily login into your customer accounts from frontend with their email and a secure master password or by cli ...
  • Highlighted Products

    Highlighted Products

    Highlighted Products Extension is the best solution to manage featured products and display them in a neat, co ...
  • Product Navigation

    Product Navigation

    Previous Next Item Navigation help your customer viewing your items easily and, without going to category or s ...

Items 10 to 18 of 9 total

Set Descending Direction