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One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout extension has been released to help your customer from decreasing process time and increasing your sales.

  • Allow to set default country, default shipping method and default payment method

  • Allow enable/disable all address fields, set them as mandatory or optional

  • Allow customers to log in quickly with log in pop-up when checkout

  • Allow new customers/guests to create an account when checkout

  • Allow customers to select an address from their address book.

  • Allow customers make comments when checking out.

  • Allow to input discount code on checkout page

Magento CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x
Magento EE 1.8.x - 1.13.x
  • Extension Version: 1.6
  • Latest updated date: Aug 15, 2014
(Including 6 months extension updates as well as technical support for free.)

Customers Using Extension


With our One Step Checkout extension, your store checkout process will be easier and reduced from 6 steps to just 1 step.

Product Features

  • Allow to set default country, default shipping method and default payment method
  • Allow enable/disable all address fields, set them as mandatory or optional
  • Allow enable check box for approval of terms and conditions (terms displayed in pop up)
  • Allow customers to log in quickly with log in pop-up when checkout
  • Allow new customers/guests to create an account when checkout
  • Allow customers to select an address from their address book.
  • Allow customers make comments when checking out.
  • Allow to subscribe newsletter when checking out.
  • Auto-update shipping method when customers choose country, region, city, or zip-code
  • Auto-update prices, taxes and totals when choosing Shipping or Payment methods.
  • Allow to input discount code on checkout page

Other Features

  • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
  • Easy to change the checkout heading / description
  • Easy to manage with backend management
  • Support multiple stores and multiple languages
  • Work properly on IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.
  • 100% open source

Additional Information

Extension Version 1.6
Magento Version Compatibility Community 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
Enterprise 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
Stability stable
Magento Extension Document and User Guide Yes


out of 5.0

11 reviews











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Great extension!
Michio 04 July 2014
Great product, pretty essential for improving your conversion. Helpful and fast support staff. Also works with a lot of other extensions.
Best service!
Sharma 17 June 2014
I´m more than satisfied with the product and support team. I bought several of their extensions and not even the extensions work great, their support is greater!
Recommend everyone to use OnlineBiz service.
Great Extension
Harun 25 March 2014
The extension, support, & usability are all perfect!! I would recommend this to any store trying to make it easy for customers to checkout quickly.
An amazing extension
Chris 01 March 2014
This extension simplifies purchasing steps of customers when they visit my site. I'm very pleased to own it for my site.
Must-have extension
Hati Brush 07 February 2014
This is a great module that makes the checkout process so much easier for customers. Talk about improving the default Magento checkout, this module is a must for anyone seeking to improve their checkout.
Very fast checkout
Beverly 27 January 2014
Exactly what every Magento site needs - shortens the checkout process tremendously. no page reloads. Integrates perfectly with their other time saving modules.
Very flexible extension
Kristian 20 June 2013
The possibility to create checkout page according to your needs and combine it with the cart page is awesome. Saving the time for checkout we have increased our conversions rate. Clients don't get irritated by endless checkout process anymore and don't leave the checkout page without completing the purchase process.
Works like a charm
Markk 02 January 2013
After sorting out some issues, and doing some customization, everything works quite good now! I had to admit I could be a pain sometimes, but the support was swift, patient and precise. I will continue purchasing extensions from OnlineBiz.
Useful extension
jonzey1 24 January 2012
It is very useful extension with amazing support. Good look and feel. Our conversion rate has already increased. Very highly recommended!
Best support that exists
seanmichaels23@yahoo.com.au 24 May 2011
I have purchased the OneStepCheckout to increase my sales. It did what I need and the sales are increased with 30%!! But it got a problem displaying form when I installed Points & Rewards extension. OnlineBiz support team helped me integrating it without fee. I love the way they taking care of customer, the best service.
Excellent extension and support
michashan 12 April 2011
I've purchased and installed this extension a few weeks ago and I'm very happy using it. The extension is working flawlessly and the support is excellent also, which is quite important. I had some compatibility problems with previously installed extensions for onepage checkout step, and the team help me solve the problem very quikly. I highly recommended it.

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Rating for this product
  • Do you offer a refund guarantee?

    Every software comes with a refund period indicated on its product page (usually 15 days). Our refund policy is a no-questions-asked, no-hassle policy. You may refund for any reason or no reason within the refund period. We are that confident in our products and want every customer to be happy.

  • May I install the software on my development / staging server?

    Yes, absolutely. You may install on an unlimited number of staging / development installations.

  • How many production installations may I install the extension?

    You may install the extension on one production installation per order. If you have more than one production installation of Magento, then you may take advantage of our bulk discounts.

  • What does support mean?

    Support refers to the free support period where we will provide guideance.

  • Does the software include an installation guide?

    Yes, a very detailed guide is included.

  • Does the software include a user guide?

    Yes, a user guide is included.

  • Is the software difficult to install?

    Like anything it depends on your technical ability. Our installation guide is very detailed and the vast majority of our customers install the extension themselves without an issue. Based on this it appears to be easy to install.

  • Can I order installation at a later date if needed?

    Yes, you may order installation at any time.

  • Can you install on both my development and production environment?

    Yes, but this will be 2 installation charges.

  • I have a multiple stores Magento. Do I need to buy license for each store?

    No, our license is binded to the domain only. So if you use multiple stores with single domain then you just need one license.

  • Are your extensions open source or they are encrypted?

    All our modules are open source, no encryption and you can customize to use for the domain licensed.

Change Logs

  • Added "Checkout Process On Cart Page" feature on Aug 2013
  • Added "Checkout as a Guess or Register" feature on Sep 2012
  • Fixed default shipping method loading issue on Aug 2012


OnlinebizSoft is hands down the best, most dedicated and professional extension developer for Magento. Before making our purchase we did a lot research on every major player in the Magento extension community. We looked at past reviews, amount of time being a "contributing" member of the Magento community, frequency of updates to products, and most importantly....support response time and communication... OnlinebizSoft beat the competition on every level. OnlinebizSoft really extended themselves to us and has been there every step of the way with every little bump in the road. Since using OnlinebizSoft extensions and services, our web stores conversion rate has significantly improved.

Umer Sohail

Amazing service, I bought 3 modules recently. OnlineBiz Team installed all of them for me. They answered all my questions almost promptly. I even do not know in which country they are located but they were available on line by e-mail almost at any time. I let OnlineBiz team install the module on my production site without being anxious. I have some free third party modules already, there is always a risk that the third party modules may come in conflict with each other. I’m very happy with the service and the products and will buy some more soon.


I purchased extension from OnlinebizSoft a while back and their support has been absolutely amazing. In one instance it wasn't even their issue but they still diagnosed the problem (something I had broken) and fixed it. For me, they are the true of service and delivery.


OnelineBiz support team is just wonderful. really did fabulous job. i am enjoying a lot while working with them. they are man of words and never leave you in trouble. If you are considering buying anything from OnelineBiz just go ahead and press the buy button, you will not be disappointed. Cheers!!!



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