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Unlimited Catalog Scroll

With Unlimited Catalog Scroll, your clients no need to seek the 'next page' button on catalog products list page, just scroll down the mouse wheel and the next page will appear. And, to return to previous pages - just scroll up without clicking the 'previous page' button as usually.

  • Auto loading of the next page & Up-Down Scroll of the catalog products pages

  • Loading of pages on request

  • Display 'Back to top' button

Magento CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x
Magento EE 1.8.x - 1.13.x
  • Extension Version: 2.1.4
  • Latest updated date: Aug 21, 2014
(Including 6 months extension updates as well as technical support for free.)


With Magento Unlimited Catalog Scroll customers can easily scroll between pages, up and down. It saves customers time when viewing products because the next page will be loaded automatically when scroll bar reaches 2/3 part of browser's heigh.


  • Work with Back button behavior of browsers
  • Auto loading of the next page & Up-Down Scroll of the catalog products pages
  • Loading of pages on request
  • Display 'Back to top' button

Additional Information

Extension Version 2.1.4
Magento Version Compatibility Community 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
Enterprise 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
Stability Stable
Magento Extension Document and User Guide Yes


out of 5.0

8 reviews











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Useful extension
Weiser 20 June 2014
The auto appearing is good way for customers and makes it much easier to surf the product pages on my website and find exactly what they looking for quickly and conveniently. A must have for any site with more than one page full of products in any category.
Noam 28 March 2014
I would like to compliment for this extension as to provide more convenience to the customer this is the best solution by OnlineBiz.
Great extension and support
Fatwa 28 February 2014
I recommend this extension which works perfectly. The support is very qualified and solved my problem very quickly.
Great extension!
Faham 18 February 2014
Really good extension and great support, thank you.
Great extension!
Abid Rehman 28 January 2014
Chose this one among others just because it is from OnlineBiz. Great extension likewise all other your products. We use several and love them all.
Very helpful tool
Mike Bongiovanni 15 August 2013
Installed this extension very quickly. Everything is clear and all the features work the way they should. Scrolling down the page is much better than flipping through pages, great!
Great extension
Beverly 28 July 2013
Unlimited Catalog Scroll extension is great extension and they have wonderful support, very co-operative and responsible. I will love to deal with them in future and also recommend there support and product.
Brillant extension
Casper Buchberg 17 May 2013
This extension makes page loading so much easier. While we could have written our own infinite scroll, this saved us a ton of time. Highly recommended.

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  • Do you offer a refund guarantee?

    Every software comes with a refund period indicated on its product page (usually 15 days). Our refund policy is a no-questions-asked, no-hassle policy. You may refund for any reason or no reason within the refund period. We are that confident in our products and want every customer to be happy.

  • May I install the software on my development / staging server?

    Yes, absolutely. You may install on an unlimited number of staging / development installations.

  • How many production installations may I install the extension?

    You may install the extension on one production installation per order. If you have more than one production installation of Magento, then you may take advantage of our bulk discounts.

  • What does support mean?

    Support refers to the free support period where we will provide guideance.

  • Does the software include an installation guide?

    Yes, a very detailed guide is included.

  • Does the software include a user guide?

    Yes, a user guide is included.

  • Is the software difficult to install?

    Like anything it depends on your technical ability. Our installation guide is very detailed and the vast majority of our customers install the extension themselves without an issue. Based on this it appears to be easy to install.

  • Can I order installation at a later date if needed?

    Yes, you may order installation at any time.

  • Can you install on both my development and production environment?

    Yes, but this will be 2 installation charges.

  • I have a multiple stores Magento. Do I need to buy license for each store?

    No, our license is binded to the domain only. So if you use multiple stores with single domain then you just need one license.

  • Are your extensions open source or they are encrypted?

    All our modules are open source, no encryption and you can customize to use for the domain licensed.

Change Logs

  • Add support to work compatible with browsers Back button on June 2014
  • Fixed issue with Full Page Cache extension on Jan 2014
  • Fixed issue on CMS page with products listing Aug 2013


OnlinebizSoft is hands down the best, most dedicated and professional extension developer for Magento. Before making our purchase we did a lot research on every major player in the Magento extension community. We looked at past reviews, amount of time being a "contributing" member of the Magento community, frequency of updates to products, and most importantly....support response time and communication... OnlinebizSoft beat the competition on every level. OnlinebizSoft really extended themselves to us and has been there every step of the way with every little bump in the road. Since using OnlinebizSoft extensions and services, our web stores conversion rate has significantly improved.

Umer Sohail

Amazing service, I bought 3 modules recently. OnlineBiz Team installed all of them for me. They answered all my questions almost promptly. I even do not know in which country they are located but they were available on line by e-mail almost at any time. I let OnlineBiz team install the module on my production site without being anxious. I have some free third party modules already, there is always a risk that the third party modules may come in conflict with each other. I’m very happy with the service and the products and will buy some more soon.


I purchased extension from OnlinebizSoft a while back and their support has been absolutely amazing. In one instance it wasn't even their issue but they still diagnosed the problem (something I had broken) and fixed it. For me, they are the true of service and delivery.


OnelineBiz support team is just wonderful. really did fabulous job. i am enjoying a lot while working with them. they are man of words and never leave you in trouble. If you are considering buying anything from OnelineBiz just go ahead and press the buy button, you will not be disappointed. Cheers!!!



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